Monday, 13 April 2015


So today I decided, after researching into the different beauty subscription boxes that are available, to sign up to website Birchbox. If you're unsure what a monthly beauty box is, it is basically a box filled with samples of different products for you to try and test before buying the real thing, it allows you to experiment with new brands you perhaps wouldn't have tried without it breaking the bank! With websites such as Birchbox it allows you to create an online profile so that you can get catered samples for you. I looked at various blogs and used this link to help me decide which beauty box would be best for me. I felt that Birchbox would be the best box for me as it retails at £12.95 including postage and comes in the cutest box ever. It also features well known brands including Benefit, one of my favourites, where products are costly.

However, what made signing up even better was the promo code that I managed to find when browsing Facebook. 

This promo code allows for you to choose a free Birchbox alongside the Birchbox you pay for when you sign up. THAT MEANS YOU PAY FOR ONE BIRCHBOX AND GET ANOTHER COMPLETELY FREE!

I can't wait for my box to arrive and will be reviewing it once it comes, I would also like to try competing box Glossybox after also reading some good reviews about that. Leave a comment if you suggest any other beauty box brands or are already receiving Birchbox!


  1. Ahh well done on finding the promo code!!
    I really need to try birchboz they look amazing recently,
    love Jen | Enter my Mac giveaway x

  2. I know it was great timing as i was just about to sign up! :)