Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Hello everyone! Todays post is going to be about some Christmassy...ish nails that I've done today! I'm not very adventurous with nail art as I am terrible at it so this is as good as it gets for me! 

I used a nude colour from Model's Own, and a sparkly polish from Barry M for just an accent nail.

The Barry M shade was 'Jingle Bells' very fitting! If you're using this polish I would recommend using it very sparingly as it comes out very fast.

The Model's Own shade I think was Trillion Taupe. I love this colour, as it can be worn all year round.

And here is the finished result!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I shall see you tomorrow!



Monday, 12 December 2016


Hello! I have already ruined Blogmas and it had only been 9 days... I am terrible. But the reason why will become clear after you have read this post! I've combined a few days into one as quite frankly I have done nothing interesting as I have had 3 deadlines very close together for my uni work so all that I have been doing is writing essays! So, I thought today's post could be dedicated to how I deal with assignments and the stress that comes with them! This could be applied to your GCSE'S, A-Levels or degree level work like I'm currently doing. So, enjoy!

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!  I think this is my most important step. I always plan all my essays as I think this makes writing them a lot easier and faster. It helps group all your ideas together and it ensures your essay is structured properly.

SLEEP! I always make sure I go to bed at a reasonable ish.. time and try and set an alarm for a reasonable time to make sure I get enough sleep.

TAKE BREAKS  This is also very important! If you don't take breaks you won't be producing your best work. So, take a break after every hour but just make sure you start working again afterwards.

RELAX  This won't be forever and it will soon all be over!

Friday, 9 December 2016


So, yesterday I decided to visit the local Christmas market with my boyfriend. I love Christmas markets as they always make me feel really festive and the food is amazing. I took a few photos but struggled as they were quite busy and it was very very cold. But it wouldn't be a Christmas market if it wasn't cold!

Do you go to Christmas markets? Feel free to leave any comments.


Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hello again! So, I've wrote gift guides so thought I would share with you all what was on my list this year. Plus, if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift {boyfriend take note here, if you're reading} here are a few pointers! What have you asked for this Christmas? As always links are provided if you click on the product name.

1. Pandora Love Ring: I love Pandora rings and really want to expand my collection of them. 

2. Urban Decay Smoky Palette: I've already got the Naked 2 Palette and use it daily so I think now is the time I need a new palette to replace it otherwise I'm going to use it all up! The colours are super pigmented and look nice all day. 

3. Rose Gold Apple Watch: I really love Apple products and have nearly everything apart from the watch. I love the rose gold colour and think it would be a handy gadget. 

4. Vivienne Westwood Necklace: I haven't got anything Vivienne Westwood but really like the style of this necklace so would love it to add to my jewellery collection.

5. Love Spell Victoria Secret Spray: I think Victoria Secret sprays are great and sometimes even better than perfume! My current one has lasted me ages but is now sadly running out so I need a new one.

6. The Balm Highlighter:  I've wanted this highlighter for so long as I've heard really good reviews about it.

7. Pandora Vintage Ring:  More Pandora! I love this ring as I think it's different and would look lovely.

8. Pandora Heart Earrings: And finally... more pandora. I love how these earrings are dainty.

Feel free to leave any comments!


Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Hello! Today's post is going to be dedicated to stocking fillers. I've searched the whole of the internet and found some great picks for fillers that are all under £10, so purse friendly, and would make great gifts for any girl! So, I hope you enjoy and all the products are linked to where you can find them if you click on the product name.

1. Sanctuary Jar of Delights £7.50: I think this jar of delights would be a great stocking filler! It has some great little products in it, and I love how you could use the jar afterwards to store things or even fill again with sweets as a present for someone. 

2. Soap and Glory Pink Twice £5: This set is a cute little gift, and would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves to take care of their feet and hands.

3Lush Bath Bomb Luxury Lush Pud £4.25: Everyone loves a lush bath bomb and I love how this one is festive and a part of Lush Christmas range. 

4. Pug Print Slipper Socks £7.99: I love pugs and love how cute these are! They would be very cosy in Winter.

5. LED hanging star plaque £5.99: I think this would make a lovely present and would make a lovely feature in any bedroom. 

6. Alphabet Letter Candle £4: These candles are such a good price and would make a lovely personal gift as you can get the recipient's initial!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you in your Christmas shopping!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Hello again! I can't believe its the 6th December already! Christmas is going to be here before we know it and then its the countdown to New Year. I really enjoy the run up to Christmas so will be sad when it's all over again but it comes round again pretty fast each year.

This post is going to be dedicated to Christmas traditions that me and my family do each year.

Christmas Eve: Normally on Christmas Eve we have quite a relaxed day, and sometimes go to the cinema or the local pantomime. On the evening we will normally watch a film altogether and have a takeaway. After this we always get Christmas Eve pyjamas and usually some form of chocolate. It's a lovely way to prepare for Christmas!

Christmas Day: On Christmas day we usually wake up quite early despite all being nearly adults. We will usually open presents and then have a cooked breakfast. After this we go to my Nanna and Grandad's where we open more presents and have a lovely Christmas dinner! {They are amazing cooks} After dinner we will usually play games, watch films and just have general chit chat. On the evening we always watch the soaps and then travel home after a lovely day. 

This is our tree at home from last year with our presents.

This is at my Nanna and Grandad's, the table set for dinner.

Excuse the snapchat writing! We usually get a table present after our dinner.

Boxing Day: On Boxing Day we usually have another relaxed day, eating food and I also see my boyfriend on this day!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What traditions do you have for Christmas?


Monday, 5 December 2016


Hello again, today I'm going to be helping you with your Christmas shopping as we are officially only 3 weekends away! I know how hard it is to shop on a budget so I've found some amazing items that I think would make great presents for any female and they're all under £20!

All products are linked to where I found them if you click the product name!

1. Soap & Glory Take your Pink Set £10: I think this is a great little set for the price which has little mini's of some of my favourite Soap and Glory products. 

2. Personalised Initial Bracelet £14: This bracelet is actually on my personal Christmas list , I think it looks lovely for the price and would make a great gift especially since it can be personalised with the recipient's initial.  

3. May the wings of your eyeliner print £5: This would make a great gift for a makeup lover, all they need to add is a frame!

4. Real Techniques Starter Kit £12.82: An amazing price for Real Technique brushes and a great set for a girl just starting out in makeup or a treat for someone who already loves it!

5. Real Techniques Core Collection Kit £12.48: Again another amazing price and a great present for any beauty junkie.

6.  Victoria Secret Love Spell Body Mist £10: I love Victoria Secret sprays, they smell lovely and this is one of my favourite scents.

7. Gone Girl book £3.85: The film for this bestseller came out this year so is a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading or enjoyed the film!

8. Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie £16.99: Yankee Candles are long lasting and I love the name of this one it's very festive! You won't find a large jar at this price any where else. 

I hope this has helped!