Friday, 2 December 2016


It's already the second day of Blogmas! I can just tell this month is going to fly by! I love the run up to Christmas so much so I'm trying to do something Christmassy every day. Today I had my HD brows done and my hair dyed and cut. 

It was lovely to have a fresh cut and dye! I'll upload a picture of my eyebrows over the next few days as they're still quite red and sore as I mark very easily! If anyone wants a review and overview of the HD Brows process just let me know in the comments..!

I also wrote out some Christmas cards for my friends.

I got these pug Christmas cards from ASDA for £1 with some of the proceeds going to Children in Need. I love pugs and love giving to a good cause so these were a great pack of cards.

I then decorated my bedroom like I do every year!

I've had this tree for years and it was from ARGOS, I love the pink ornaments and bows as it matches my room with is duck egg blue and pink.

I got this as a gift last night as each year me and my family look out for the Coca Cola advert.

So, I hope you enjoyed this short post about my day today. I shall see you tomorrow! Feel free to leave any comments.


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