Monday, 12 December 2016


Hello! I have already ruined Blogmas and it had only been 9 days... I am terrible. But the reason why will become clear after you have read this post! I've combined a few days into one as quite frankly I have done nothing interesting as I have had 3 deadlines very close together for my uni work so all that I have been doing is writing essays! So, I thought today's post could be dedicated to how I deal with assignments and the stress that comes with them! This could be applied to your GCSE'S, A-Levels or degree level work like I'm currently doing. So, enjoy!

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!  I think this is my most important step. I always plan all my essays as I think this makes writing them a lot easier and faster. It helps group all your ideas together and it ensures your essay is structured properly.

SLEEP! I always make sure I go to bed at a reasonable ish.. time and try and set an alarm for a reasonable time to make sure I get enough sleep.

TAKE BREAKS  This is also very important! If you don't take breaks you won't be producing your best work. So, take a break after every hour but just make sure you start working again afterwards.

RELAX  This won't be forever and it will soon all be over!

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