Sunday, 4 December 2016


Hello again! It's Blogmas day 4 today but I thought I'd do a product review instead of a Christmas related post/diary style entry as I went shopping today at Meadowhall and took 0 pictures and only bought one Christmas card and a pair of jeans. That would not make for an interesting post...

So, last week I did an online order at Superdrug as I needed some more shampoo and conditioner, the usual top up bits. But, having tried bits from the Batiste range before I thought I'd try some of their products I hadn't seen before. 

I've started curling my hair with my straighteners so really needed some heat protection spray so I decided to try Batiste Stylist Shield My Locks Heat & Shine Spray.

I paid £2.23 for the product as it was reduced from £4.49. I really like the spray and find it does work and it does actually make my hair look shinier which you sometime lose when you curl your hair. The only negative is the smell... it smells a lot like hairspray which I hate but some may not mind that.

The next product I bought was the Tropical Dry Shampoo.

Dry shampoo is one of my beauty essentials. I do normally buy the Batiste dry shampoo as I find it just works with my hair. But, I haven't tried this scent yet and I love it! I would definitely re-purchase.

The whole Batiste range is half price at Superdrug at the moment so now is the time to try their products or stock up on your favourites! Do you use dry shampoo?

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