Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Hello! Today's post is going to be dedicated to stocking fillers. I've searched the whole of the internet and found some great picks for fillers that are all under £10, so purse friendly, and would make great gifts for any girl! So, I hope you enjoy and all the products are linked to where you can find them if you click on the product name.

1. Sanctuary Jar of Delights £7.50: I think this jar of delights would be a great stocking filler! It has some great little products in it, and I love how you could use the jar afterwards to store things or even fill again with sweets as a present for someone. 

2. Soap and Glory Pink Twice £5: This set is a cute little gift, and would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves to take care of their feet and hands.

3Lush Bath Bomb Luxury Lush Pud £4.25: Everyone loves a lush bath bomb and I love how this one is festive and a part of Lush Christmas range. 

4. Pug Print Slipper Socks £7.99: I love pugs and love how cute these are! They would be very cosy in Winter.

5. LED hanging star plaque £5.99: I think this would make a lovely present and would make a lovely feature in any bedroom. 

6. Alphabet Letter Candle £4: These candles are such a good price and would make a lovely personal gift as you can get the recipient's initial!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you in your Christmas shopping!


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