Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hello again! So, I've wrote gift guides so thought I would share with you all what was on my list this year. Plus, if anyone is thinking of buying me a gift {boyfriend take note here, if you're reading} here are a few pointers! What have you asked for this Christmas? As always links are provided if you click on the product name.

1. Pandora Love Ring: I love Pandora rings and really want to expand my collection of them. 

2. Urban Decay Smoky Palette: I've already got the Naked 2 Palette and use it daily so I think now is the time I need a new palette to replace it otherwise I'm going to use it all up! The colours are super pigmented and look nice all day. 

3. Rose Gold Apple Watch: I really love Apple products and have nearly everything apart from the watch. I love the rose gold colour and think it would be a handy gadget. 

4. Vivienne Westwood Necklace: I haven't got anything Vivienne Westwood but really like the style of this necklace so would love it to add to my jewellery collection.

5. Love Spell Victoria Secret Spray: I think Victoria Secret sprays are great and sometimes even better than perfume! My current one has lasted me ages but is now sadly running out so I need a new one.

6. The Balm Highlighter:  I've wanted this highlighter for so long as I've heard really good reviews about it.

7. Pandora Vintage Ring:  More Pandora! I love this ring as I think it's different and would look lovely.

8. Pandora Heart Earrings: And finally... more pandora. I love how these earrings are dainty.

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