Friday, 17 October 2014

Top Ten Things to Know About University

 Having been at university for a whole month now I’ve learnt a fair few essential things. I wanted to compile all the things I’ve learnt into a short list of ten things that every fresher should know.

1. Get used to home brands, it’s the only thing you’ll be able to afford unless your parents are minted (you’ll be the only one eating Heinz beans if they are)
2. That tin of soup that your aunt was going to give you but you refused because you thought you didn’t need it, you will need and there will be a time that all you can think about is that tin of tomato soup and how great that would taste when you have 25p left to live of for that week
3. Freshers will kill you.
4. You will never, ever, and I repeat EVER regain the hours of sleep lost in freshers
5. However much alcohol you think you will drink in freshers, triple that and you’re close
6. Don’t panic when you get lost on your first day, everybody does
7. Don’t add club promoters on Facebook (this may seem exciting in the weeks previous to university) but trust me, being invited to 30+ events a week is not fun
8. If you vomit you have to clean it up
9. It may seem fun to trash the kitchen at 4am on the first night but you only have to clean it up the next day

10. Be open minded, say yes to everything and have fun!


Don't be this fresher

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