Friday, 22 January 2016


Best Mac Lipsticks for Fair Skin

So today I'm feeling super productive! I've been to the gym this afternoon, tidied and de-cluttered my room and now I'm writing a blog post, I'm basically super woman. But coming back to this post, this post will focus on what I think are some good shades in Mac lipsticks for people with fair/pale skin. If you don't live near a Mac counter (like me when I'm not at uni) it can be quite difficult to know which shade to choose so I've put together all the different shades I feel compliment fair skin!

I'm going to be focusing on seven different lipsticks.

Swatch from left to right: Lovelorn, Please Me, Plumful, New York Apple, Twig, Rebel, Girl About Town

PLEASE ME:- This is very similar to Lovelorn, it is however a matte finish and can be drying on the lips. However, it is a lovely pink nude shade. It is a bit more longer lasting and has a stronger colour I feel.

LOVELORN:- This is a lovely nude pink shade, in a lustre finish. It is perfect for just a simple daytime look and is the perfect 'your lips but better' shade.

PLUMFUL:- I love Plumful! It is a lustre finish, and is a lovely off red ish shade which I would personally wear for a day to night look as I feel red is more of a night time colour. Lovely lipstick but colour could be slightly brighter.

NEW YORK APPLE:- This is the only lipstick of which I own in a Frost finish. I personally think this lipstick would have been better in a matte shade HOWEVER I love this lipstick and is the perfect red shade for fair skin as it is not too bold.

TWIG:- A lovely Satin finish lipstick that resembles the famous Velvet Teddy. I wear this with the Spice lip liner and it is a lovely brown shade and is perfect for a daytime look. Overall, a lovely lipstick which is slightly out of my comfort zone but I still love it.

REBEL:- Another satin finish lipstick that is perfect for Autumn/Winter. I have only wore this lipstick once as finding the occasion for it is difficult! It is a lovely statement lip and doesn't dry my lips.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN:- I have definitely saved the best until last here.... I absolutely love this lipstick. It was one of the first Mac lipsticks I have ever purchased and I'm still in love. It is very bright but is very flattering on fair skin. This is my go to night time lipstick shade for a girls night out. Absolutely LOVE.



Three occasions of me wearing Girl About Town... that is maybe why I've used half of the lipstick within months. 

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  1. Such a lovely selection I want to add all of these to my collection too now. Although I already have plumful which is my fave Mac shade that I own.

    1. Thanks! Mac lipsticks are my favourite, I want so many more shades! X

  2. Please me looks so nice. I love flamingo for a nice bright pink in spring and summer. Looks really nice on fair skin & with a little bit of a tan.

    1. I wear please me almost every day, it's such a nice pink/nude shade and I'll have to have a look at flamingo :) x