Tuesday, 2 February 2016



This post is slightly late and a bit different to what I normally write but I really wanted to write a post about this so here we go! So, I returned to university on the 31st January to start my next semester. I really struggle going back to uni and find it so difficult living away from home so I try and make going back as nice as it can possibly be by buying nice things to make my time there as good as it can be.

This was actually a Christmas present from my Nanna and Grandad. I absolutely love Yankee Candles and think they make a room so much more homely and give a great ambiance. I haven't tried the Black Cherry one just yet but love the smell. I always have a Yankee Candle in my room, and have nearly used up all of the Season of Peace one. 

I bought these notebooks from Wilkinsons, as I needed 3 new ones as I do 3 different modules per semester. I love the designs of these and they weren't very costly as some similar journal style notebooks can be. They were from the Botanica range which can be found HERE!


I obviously had to take my bag of goodies back with me! I filled my Soap and Glory toiletries bag that I bought before Christmas with all my new toiletries from Christmas. I'm pretty much set for the rest of the year now.

And finally, it wouldn't be uni unless I had to buy a ton of new books that I have to read. I study English Literature so have to read a lot of books each semester.

Hope you enjoyed this post, has anyone else just gone back to uni? Feel free to leave any comments.


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