Thursday, 7 January 2016

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer REVIEW

So on New Years Day, hungover and feeling sad that Christmas was over, I made a Boots order to try and lift my spirits! I bought a few different items and bought products from brands that I wouldn't normally purchase from and one of these products was the Seventeen Skin Wow Primer which I will be reviewing in this post. The primer was £5.99 and can be found HERE!, it is described as '3 way HIGHLIGHTER GLOW & primer. The ultimate skin pick me up! Mix it up with this 3 way liquid highlighter' I was interested in this product particularly as I was in search of a good primer and have been looking into purchasing the Mac Stobe Cream which everyone raves about! {If anyone has the strobe cream, comment below on whether you think it is worth the price!} I thought that this product would be a good alternative.

I was beyond impressed with this product. I don't really know what I was expecting but what I got I LOVED. 

I mixed the primer/highlighter in with my normal foundation.

The result was a much more dewy finish, I love the Studio Fix Foundation but find it can be hard to spread around my face? That sounds very strange but the primer made it a lot more easy to apply and gave a lovely finish. I applied it with a Real Techniques sponge.

The following picture shows my face on the left naked (I believe I had used moisturiser and that is it), and on the right it shows my face using the Studio Fix Foundation mixed with the Seventeen Primer. The foundation has covered up the redness on my cheeks and the spots/scarring from previous spots.

I highly recommend the Primer and know that it is going to become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. I was going out for dinner for this makeup look, I went with my friends to a cocktail and pizza bar and had a brilliant night!

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