Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Eylure Lashes 141 Review

Hello again! Today I thought I'd write a piece about a product that is very close to my heart... Eylure lashes. Due to going on a night out I thought I'd head into my local Savers in search of some new lashes as all of the ones I had look scary now due to over-wearing them. I picked up the Eylure 141's for £2.99! I was searching for lashes that had a much more natural feel to them but still had the length and volume that I desired. I love the feathery look of the lashes and would definitely recommend these lashes if you are wanting a natural yet glam look. Eylure as a brand is also amazing and I haven't found a brand just yet that match the quality of their products. 

This is the packaging of the lashes in case you were wondering what they looked like. I unfortunately threw the packaging away before I got chance to snap a picture of them!

This is myself wearing the lashes.

A close up of the lashes... ignore my brows as I have an appointment booked to get them threaded again!

Do you wear fake eyelashes? What's your favourite brand?

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