Monday, 28 December 2015


Coco Whites

Earlier this month in December I visited the Clothes Show Live which took place in Birmingham at the NEC, {find out more info about this HERE! if you wish} and purchased a box of Coco Whites at the reduced price of £15, I believe they are normally around £20, so I saved around £5 plus postage which was a bonus! I was very excited to try the product as it has been sponsored by many celebrities especially on Instagram and I was curious as to what was so special about these little white sachets!

If you're unsure as to what Coco Whites is, it is basically a refined version of the ancient tradition of oil pulling. The little sachets are full of coconut oil which has been flavoured to make the process more bearable. 

I bought the minty fresh flavour and the box looks like this:

In the box you get 14 sachets as the course is supposed to take 14 days, the sachets look like this:

On the first use I was amazed at the results, see below before and after one use!

Excuse my teeth!

REVIEW: The actual process isn't very nice at all, the coconut oil can be solid and is a very strange texture until it melts in your mouth. The process is also very boring so I would suggest browsing the internet or stalking someone on Facebook whilst your swirl for 10-15 minutes! I was very impressed with the results at first however these results soon ended, and I didn't seen much change after this. The only benefit that was a result of the process was it made me more aware about my teeth and they felt amazingly clean after the oil pulling! I wouldn't recommend this product as I don't personally think it is worth the money HOWEVER if you wish to buy the website can be found HERE!  and I have a voucher code for 20% of which is CSL20. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments!

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