Thursday, 24 March 2016


Hello loveliess! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been super busy with uni this term so haven't managed to write many blog posts this month. My boyfriend also came and visited me for a week so that meant no blog posts again! Anyway, my boyfriend and I decided to visit London for the day as it is only a (around) two hour train journey from Leeds and the train tickets were pretty cheap. I love travelling and want to see so many more places both in the UK and outside of it. 

Due to us only going for the day we tried to fit in as many of the sightseeing attractions in as we could. We began our day by visiting the National History Museum, if you haven't been I would suggest you go because it is amazing! It's completely free too. We spent a few hours there because it is deceivingly big. 

We then headed to Harrods... I didn't rate Harrods too much after having been to Selfridges on a previous visit but the architecture there was beautiful. After this, we caught the tube and visited Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. When visiting Buckingham Palace someone even went into the Palace but we didn't get to see who it was...

We then headed to the Holy Grail that is Oxford Street.... I tried my first Five Guys which I must say was pretty nice even if the price is a bit hefty. We wandered round Oxford Street, visiting Lush, Selfridges and a few other shops then finally headed back to the station.

It was a lovely day and I would love to go again.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my little snap shots. The photos are taken on my phone but also my new camera (SONY A5000) which I will be doing a post on shortly. Have you been to London? Feel free to leave any comments.

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  1. Cool pics! And I love London!!